Rev. Wayne Svida

Permanent Deacon
Mr. Edwin Hill

Permanent Deacon
Mr. John Orzechowski





















































































































"A stewardship parish joyfully offering God
our Time, Talent & Treasure"

How often do you spend time in uninterrupted prayer? Do you pray with your spouse and/or children? Time, in regard to stewardship, refers to prayer time. Everyone's time is precious and once it is gone, we never get it back. And so, it is important that we spend our time wisely. When we share our time for prayer, service, and friendship, we are making God and our faith a priority.

Every person has a gift or talent to share. As we grow and our lives change, our priorities change, too. Talent, in regard to stewardship, refers to how we can help our parish and others by using our gifts. When we share our talents with others, we are giving back to God, as well.

Do you believe that everything you have belongs to God? And, that everything is a gift from Him? Have you truly strived to tithe 8% to Our Lady of the Ridge Parish? Treasure, in regard to stewardship, is simple: "I've learned that when I pay my tithe first, there is always enough left to pay my bills, but when I pay my bills first, there is never enough left to pay my tithe." (Anonymous)


Lord, You alone are the source of every good gift,
of the vast array of our universe, and the mystery of each human life.
We praise You and we thank You
for your great power and Your tender, faithful love.

Everything we are and everything we have is
Your gift, and after having created us,
You have given us into the keeping of Your son, Jesus Christ.

Fill our mind with His truth and our hearts with His love,
that in His spirit we may be bonded together
into a community of faithful, caring people.

In the name and spirit of Jesus, we commit ourselves
to be good stewards of the gifts entrusted to us,
to share our time, our talent
and our material gifts as an outward sign
of the treasure we hold in Jesus.


Stewardship Committee:  
  Fr. Wayne Svida
  Rich & Joni Blackwell
  Joe Dillon
  Richard Fitzgerald
  Marg Landry
  Don & Dorothy Norris