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Join us during and after each Mass on June 26th and 27th, as we celebrate Fr. Wayne and his 12 years as our Pastor.

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Wednesday, February 17th, the archdiocese announced that, beginning July 1st, the new pastor of Our Lady of the Ridge and St. Linus Parish will be Reverend Mark Walter, the current pastor of St. Linus.

Over the next few months, the archdiocese and the pastors of the current parishes will support the communities in their transition to the new parish and school structures. The archdiocese’s Renew My Church Accompaniment Team will work with local leaders to ensure the uniting faith communities and staff are supported through this time of change. All parishes will embark on the next phase of renewal to become stronger, more sustainable and capable of reaching more people in their work of making disciples of Jesus Christ, building communities and inspiring witness.

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Split the Pot - Drop both your Sunday Offertory envelope and your Split the Pot/Share the Gift envelope in the collection basket as you enter church. If you are unable to attend Sunday Mass due to Mass capacity restrictions, you can drop off both envelopes through the mail slot in the rectory front door. Please remember that both the Sunday offertory envelope and the Split the Pot/Share the Gift envelope must be turned in together in order to participate. The results of the Split the Pot/Share the Gift drawing will be posted here each week. Thank you and stay safe. For more details click HERE.

From Sunday, June 13, 2021, envelope number 0530 was drawn for the Split the Pot/Share the Gift drawing. The parishioner assigned to this number did not participate. The total prize of $2,206.50.00 will be added to next week’s proceeds.

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Prayer Ministry - One of the many gifts that Jesus has given to His church is the gift of healing prayer. Our Lady of the Ridge has Prayer Ministers who have completed a formation program for this ministry. They are available to you as the need arises in your life. Our prayer ministers are available to pray with you after weekend liturgies one Sunday per month and by appointment. Due to the Covid-19 situation, our next scheduled Prayer Ministry dates are pending. To make a unique appointment, please call the Rectory (425-3800), leave your contact information, and a prayer minister will call to confirm your appointment.
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Adoration Chapel - Due to Covid-19, the chapel is currently closed. Adoration takes place in the church each Friday from 5:00-7:00 PM. While you can simply walk in, it's best to register in advance. HERE.

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RCIA - Are you Catholic and wish to complete the sacraments? Are you of another faith and wish to join the Catholic community? Call the rectory (708-425-3800)

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